Company philosophy

Company philosophy

The future of LU-VE has an ancient heart.

Its roots lie in Contardo, which was historically always at the leading edge of new technology.

In 1986, LU-VE took over Contardo and inherited its tradition, re-launching the policy of research, development, technical innovation and care for the environment.
The Group has distinguished itself and has imposed itself on the market thanks to the high quality standards of its products, thanks to the new technical solutions developed in its laboratories and thanks to its careful attention to aesthetic values.

Nowadays, LU-VE is one of the European leaders, and its Group companies work in sectors which are important to the quality of life of us all:

The basis of the industrial philosophy of the LU-VE Group is the principle that:

In fact, for over twenty years, the companies of the Group have dedicated themselves to the research and development of new products, in collaboration with some of the most outstanding European and Italian Universities, in particular the Politecnico di Milano.

This approach led LU-VE to be the first company in the world to apply leading-edge technology solutions to commercial and industrial refrigeration:

  • Rippled fin tube technology;
  • Specialised heat-exchanger surface technology;
  • Performance certification;
  • New materials and colours;
  • Advanced design.

Since 1988, LU-VE has launched a range of innovative, winning ideas, manufacturing products which are attractive outside and revolutionary inside.
The LU-VE Group’s success in the international market stems from its state-of-the-art research and development policy, and from its respect for the fundamental principles of environmental care:

  • Reduced energy consumption;
  • Reduced refrigerant use;
  • Reduced noise levels;
  • High levels of reliability and durability;
  • Reduced foot-print

In 2000, LU-VE was the first company in Europe to obtain the prestigious Eurovent “Certify All” certification for the whole range of its unit coolers, air cooled condensers and dry coolers. A guarantee of the quality and reliability of the components. An assurance for designers, installers and end-users of the best operating conditions and minimum costs for the whole life cycle of the installation.

The ancient heart of the LU-VE Group is what drives it into the future.
Success and quality are moving goals which require constant commitment:
achieved targets do not exist – there are only targets still to be achieved.
The guiding principle of the LU-VE Group is constant improvement:

  • to promote the human resources of the Group
  • to satisfy the final customer;
  • to overcome the challenges of the marketplace;
  • to be always more competitive and advanced.

"Our best days have yet to be lived"
(Nazim Hikmet)