FHDW dual discharge commercial air coolers

FHDW dual discharge commercial air coolers

Fin spacing: 3,0 mm - 4,5 mm - 7 mm
From 1 to 4 fans, Ø 350 mm, 4 or 6 pole (for low ventilation and low noise operation)
Low noise operation and reduced energy consumption
34 + models from 2 to 23 kW

Main characteristics

  • Highest energy efficiency with EC fans as standard equipment

  • Less noise for all applications

  • New structure in highly resistant synthetic material

  • Great flexibility thanks to two-speed fan.


The air cooler catalogues refer to the corresponding unit cooler series. Some characteristics are different, such as the diameter of the connection. It is possible to visualise the details of every product and to calculate it in working conditions by using the REFRIGER software.

Construction materials