Eurovent has officially certified that the heat exchangers for refrigeration and air conditioning constructed by LU-VE have continued to give all positive results in accordance with catalogue data also during the last five years..

“This is an extraordinary result for LU-VE Exchangers! – said Matteo Liberali, CEO of LU-VE Group – The reliability and quality of our products has received yet another prestigious recognition. This achievement has its solid roots deeply embedded in the process of growth and improvement which we began back in 1986. It is a source of great pride, especially at this moment in time when we are celebrating the 30th anniversary of our foundation. Special thanks and my personal congratulations go to the women and men who made it possible: from the laboratory to the technical office and to all those people who were the authors of it!”.
Eurovent certifies the functional performance of equipment in the field of air treatment, air conditioning and refrigeration, in accordance with European and international regulations. The objective is to enable the customer to choose the most efficient components through a common platform for all certified producers, increasing the integrity and accuracy of evaluations of use.
In 2000, LU-VE was the first company in Europe to obtain the then new “Certify All” certification from Eurovent for:
•    the complete range of condensers (March 2000);
•    the complete range of dry coolers (August 2000);
•    the complete range of unit coolers (October 2000).

This important certification covers all the products making up the range and is issued only if the results of the tests conform to the values stated in the catalogue (capacity, air quantity, energy consumption, sound levels and construction characteristics). Annual verification of some models in the range is required every year, always chosen at the discretion of Eurovent. Random checks are made on the products to be tested at highly specialized international institutes. Any deviations must be corrected across the whole range: if this is not done, the certification is revoked.
This method of certification gives the designer, installer and final user a further guarantee that genuinely suitable components for qualified refrigeration and air conditioning systems have been chosen, with performance levels which really correspond to design conditions. 

“Eurovent proves that LU-VE products guarantee the customer a truthful and correct €/kW ratio and therefore an appropriate choice of the models to use, above all in comparison with non-certified products. This gives constructors the advantage of increasing the value of the system, and gives end-users the advantage of minimising the life cycle costs – said Alessandro Farrandi, Commercial Director of LU-VE Group – We provide, as we have always done, real performance, with the best value for money !”.

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